Red Flags For Being Bullied

Bullying is a subject matter that is talked mostly after the damage is done. Even though many measures are taken to stop bullying and help those who are being bullied over the years, it seems that bullying has never really stopped. There are many campaigns and projects organized to make sure that bullying is discouraged and stopped. However, if you are a mother or a father, or even any close family member you will be worried about your child or young family member being bullied at school. Bullying comes in many forms and most children prefer to keep it to themselves and not talk about it. This is why you need the knowledge on spotting the red flags. Following are some signs that you can watch out for if you fear that your child is getting bullied.

Unusual Bruises

Bullying can be found even in one of the best nursery schools in town. If you see that your child carry unusual bruises or that the bruises or cuts keep increasing day by day, you need to speak to your child about it. Most children will be shy or scared to talk about it. Therefore, you need to make sure that your child feels safe and that they do not and should not feel ashamed about the problems they go through. You need to be extremely careful when you are speaking to your child about this issue and make sure that you do not upset the child.

Lost possessions

If you have realized that your child keeps losing his pens or pencils or that his favorite story book is torn, you need to realize that there is something wrong. There could be bullies even at the best nursery and therefore regardless of the reputation you need to keep a goof eye on your child. If your child keeps losing items that he or she once loved and treasured you need to subtly find out why. You need to be very careful when you handle a sensitive subject such as bullying with a very young child. Look here to gain information about the best nursery school in Dubai for your child.

Reluctance to attend school

Reluctance is the biggest red flag of bullying. If your child refuse to go to school for no proper reason, it is your duty as a parent to make sure you find out why. You should never force answers out of your children. Kindness wins and therefore you need to make sure you tackle this issue effectively.

Communication is an important aspect to make sure your child opens up to you. You should always approach your child in a friendly manner and not scare them away. As bullying itself is a seems to be a sensitive subject to discuss about you need to put yourself in your child’s shoes when approaching this matter. It is important to be tactful and intelligent when dealing with this issue and resolving it.